Bloated, constipated, endless diarrhoea, gut pain, tired, all of the gut things – I know – there is no magic pill - you already know that – but there is The Good Gut Girl and her Gut Healing Program – the next best thing.

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Sharon hespe – the good gut girl

I’ve been helping patients for 18 years to improve their gut health.
People like you that put up with the daily struggle that is – bloating, pain, fatigue, fear of food, not wanting to eat out, constipation, reflux, diarrhoea, up-to-date toilet apps – all of the problems that come with an unhappy tummy.
You deserve better and know you need to make some changes.
It’s more than likely that the way you feel is your “normal.”
Let me tell you it’s not – there is a whole new normal out there for you.
I know this because I see it happen every single day with my patients.

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The Good Gut Girl

you do not need to struggle with debilitating gut symptoms.

During my many years as a naturopath, I’ve repeatedly seen the same foods causing problems for people – foods that many of us have been actively encouraged to consume to achieve glowing health.

I’ve also witnessed people’s pain as they struggle with mysterious, debilitating gut symptoms that could have been eradicated long ago should the answers have been made available.

The truth – there are many possible reasons for your tummy troubles. It could be food intolerances, SIBO, fructose malabsorption, candida, gut dysbiosis, parasites… the list goes on.

The good news – you don’t need to struggle with debilitating gut symptoms.

There is a huge range of symptoms that can indicate poor gut health.

Health conditions such as depression, anxiety, fatigue, tiredness, gut pain, bloating, arthritis, itchy ears, constant runny nose, post nasal drip, smelly stools, smelly flatulence, asthma, constipation, diarrhoea, headaches, migraines, insomnia, itchy skin, hives, sleep disturbances, fluid retention and weight control.
If your child is suffering, it could show up as bed wetting or behavioural problems.

You may have one symptom or many. None are ‘normal’ and you don’t have to live with them.

Take some simple steps today towards improving your gut health – and your life.

It’s possible to live a happy healthy life without gut problems.

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“Sharon has been fantastic. Has helped me so much with my gut and got it back on track. The weekly check ins made it easy to stay on track throughout the program. When I started with Sharon I was overwhelmed, my anxiety was out of control, my skin was breaking out the worst it had ever been and my periods were all over the shop. I’m almost coming to the end of the program and my mental health has been amazing, my skin has completely cleared up and my periods have become more regular. Could not recommend her enough! She is fantastic!” – Emily N – The Gut Reset

“I really just had to share the changes I’ve been experiencing.
Honestly, I just can’t believe how different and how good I feel after only starting the diet on Saturday.
My lung capacity feels greater. My nose is clearer. I don’t miss my beloved pepsi max and I don’t have sugar cravings.But most exciting of all for me is that so much of the stiffness and soreness that has plagued my hips, lower back etc for the last 3 years is just gone! I’m moving better, walking differently, standing taller. I’m feeling younger and lighter in all of my joints. It’s amazing!
I can’t wait to pinpoint the culprit so I can choose to never ever consume it ever again!”
Amy k – The 5 Phase Gut Balancing Program

Client Testimonials

“I took my son Myron to see Sharon as I was concerned about his fussy eating and the possibility that he may have pyrrole disorder.

Sharon recommended we remove wheat and A1 dairy from his diet, and to run a hair tissue mineral analysis to check on his mineral levels, before proceeding with more invasive blood tests. We made the changes and gave him some supplements to balance his mineral levels according to the test results.

After a couple of weeks, Myron was starting to feel much better. His fussiness around foods has gone, he no longer complains about a sore tummy, his appetite has improved and he has put on weight.”

Ms Helena Paras
Psychologist – Seasons of Growth Psychological Services

“I just wanted to thank you for your help last year. I had 33 years of suffering with IBS issues, pain, bloating, diarrhea and constipation, but after working with you for a few months I have become free of pain.
Your testing, advice and support has seen me change my diet, take required supplements to rectify and rebalance my gut, and you explained everything so I understood what was going on.
Having fewer gut problems has really improved my outlook and surprisingly my rheumatoid arthritis has eased up too.
Your recipes and suggestions for food swaps to stay kind to my gut has also been really helpful and allows me to enjoy food without feeling like I am missing out. Thank you.”

Rhonda Fuzzard

“I just wanted to let you know what an amazing difference you have made to my health and wellbeing over the last year.
As you know my health has improved dramatically from when you first saw me. I’ve gone from being on several medications (none of which were working very well anyway!) and having lost my ability to participate in most of my everyday sporting and work activities due to pain and various medical issues.
I have gone from struggling to finish a Pilates class to coming second in the NSW State Masters 4x100m relay. I am now feeling great, energised and back to my full six-days-a-week training schedule.
I’m really grateful for your ongoing insight, assistance, and support. Thank you”.

Megan Geddes

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