Why water is essential for your digestive system

Why water is essential for your digestive system

We all hear about the importance of water intake, and most of us carry around a water bottle, but how many of us actually drink the water from that bottle, or enough water in general. Water is essential to our digestive system and a lack of it really impairs digestion.

The amount of water that our bodies need is also controversial, and too much water can also be detrimental. Two litres, is the figure that is often quoted, but there are also calculations around that are based on your weight etc. Most of us do notice when we do drink enough water that our energy levels do actually increase, being well hydrated is important for skin health as well. Some people do not drink enough water as they find that they are always on the toilet doing a wee, your bladder will adjust and stretch once it gets used to the increase in water intake, so stick with it.

Ensuring that you are well hydrated also makes you less inclined to make poor food choices, as often people actually eat when they are actually really only thirsty, yes this often happens, people mistake the thirst signal for hunger and eat instead of drinking water.

As far as your digestion goes, water is really an essential part of keeping it in great shape. Your saliva glands can secrete up to 1.5 litres of fluid a day, saliva contains enzymes that start the digestive process in your mouth, it also contains electrolytes that are important for alkalizing the contents of your gut when it gets to the small intestine. The pancreas is another digestive organ that secretes a lot of fluids, up to 1 litre of fluid that contains enzymes, into the small intestine per day, this is extremely important for the digestion of your food and alkalisation of the contents of the small intestine.

Water, it’s important for many body functions, especially your digestive system, so please ensure that you are drinking enough.