What’s All the Fuss About a2?

What’s All the Fuss About a2?

There is a good reason for there to be lots of fuss about this new milk, yoghurt and cream range, in fact  a2 is simply better for you. The best way I can describe the benefits for you is to explain what a1 milk does, that a2 milk does not.

a1 milk can delay gastric emptying time, and cause constipation in babies, children and adults, this is due to a1 milk producing an opioid/morphine like peptide during digestion, and what do opioids classically do, they cause constipation, a2 milk does not do this.

a1 milk has been shown to catalyse the formation of oxidised LDL, which is not what you want happening to your bad cholesterol.

a1 milk has been shown to stimulate behavioural symptoms associated with some neurological conditions.

a1 milk has been shown to depress respiratory function, again here is the beta-casomorphins showing their stripes.

a1 milk, upon digestion is absorbed from the gut and circulated systemically, and has the potential to cause direct histamine release from mast cells, which is an allergic reaction.

Is this enough fuss for you, clinically I see dramatic changes in peoples digestive and mental health upon swapping over from a1 dairy to a2 dairy, patients are amazed that this is why they have not been pooing so well, for years. I see children’s behaviour improve immensely with a swap to a2 dairy, and peoples cheese addiction disappears.

Goats and sheep’s milk, kefir and cheese are regarded as a2 as well, so that gives you a cheese option, and a2 milk yoghurt and cream are widely available in major supermarkets, there are some small boutique dairy’s that have a2 cows, just ask them, for instance Jersey cows are classed as a2. There is also a range of a2 baby formula as well.

It should also be noted that this is my personal opinion, my personal opinion is also that cows milk is for baby cows, not humans, the calcium absorbed from dairy is so minimal, that it can not possibly keep our bones healthy, many other vitamins and hormones do that very well, as does calcium absorbed from other foods such as broccoli and leafy greens. So why all this fuss about we must have our however many serves of calcium per day from dairy, it is “The Dairy Board” that tells us this, gee I wonder why, so we can buy their product. Sorry dairy farmers.