Stress and the gut – my story

One year ago today, I faced one of the most stressful events of my life. The Currowan fire was headed towards our humble little holiday shack at Yatte Yattah. The Currowan fire started on the 26th November 2019 and slowly made its way towards us, on the way it went through my Dad’s property Lazier Acres at Brooman on the 13th December 2019, which is a story for another time. We had been waiting for the fire to arrive for about a week, tracking it on multiple fire apps, listening out for it on multiple radio frequencies, watching it on the Budawang ranges. One night we even took turns staying up as we thought it may come through that night. We were very well prepared, the fire brigade had visited us in the days before the fire, asked us what our plans were, gave us some invaluable tips and said call triple zero when the ember attack starts. It was hot and windy a year ago today, perfect conditions for a fire that was only a few kilometres from us. My Dad phoned about 9am and said I’m on my way over, I don’t like the look of the conditions. The fire arrived not long after that, we all had our jobs to do, and we did them, we stuck to our plan. It was hot, windy, uncomfortable and embers were landing everywhere. We saved our little shack and one shed, lost a shipping container, ride on mower, and lots of building materials. A few weeks after this I was struggling with gut symptoms, I knew what was going on, I had a stomach ulcer. The stress of the fire going through Dad’s, the leadup and the fire at our place were the contributing factors. Luckily for me I know what to do and how to heal it so did, and within a few weeks I was fine. Major stressful events such as this do play havoc with your gut health. You may not get a stomach ulcer like I did, but on some level your gut is always affected. You also do not need a big stressful event, like mine. We all live with a certain amount of stress, and on some level our gut is always being affected, every single day.