Podcast episodes

What your gut symptoms mean

Gut symptoms can be confusing, there are however quite a few symptoms that can guide me towards whats going on in your gut.

Questions I will ask in a consultation and why

In this episode I go through the questions I ask you in a naturopathic consult and why. If you’ve ever wondered what really happens in clinic, have a listen in.


In this podcast I discuss parasites, what they are, how you get them, why they are controversial.

Fructose Malabsorption

In this episode I talk about fructose malabsorption, what it is, the signs, symptoms, high fructose/fructan foods, how to test, and what to do if you have fructose malabsorption problems.

Food Intolerances

In this episode I talk about Food Intolerances.

The digestive system

In this episode I discuss the digestive system and how it works and the relationship to it and what you are eating.

Causes of poor gut health

In this episode I discuss the causes of poor gut health.

What can and does go wrong with gut health?

In this episode I discuss what can and does go wrong with gut health, food intolerances, fructose malabsorption, SIBO, candida/yeast infections, parasites, histamine and salicylate sensitivites, pyroluria and gut dysbiosis.

Signs & symptoms of poor gut health

In this episode I discuss the signs and symptoms of poor gut health and the associated gut problems that they could mean, you will get a lot of #ahamoments from this podcast.

Client Testimonials

“I first started to see Sharon many years ago as I was getting lots of colds and flu. Thankfully this was a problem that some herbal medicines and supplements easily addressed.
Last year I moved overseas. It was a stressful time and my psoriasis flared up quite badly. I was concerned that I was fatigued, having difficultly concentrating, getting headaches, my hair fall was excessive, and I had joint pain that was restricting my movements. I was also struggling with digestion issues.
Sharon and I organised our consultations via Skype and I made some major changes to my diet, on Sharon’s recommendations. I noticed quite quickly a difference in how I felt.
It is now a few months since making the changes. My psoriasis has cleared up, my digestion is now normal, my energy levels are better, and I have no muscle or joint pain at all.
Thanks so much for your support and guidance, Sharon. You are the food intolerance queen!”

Yvette Pedone

“I had eczema all over my body and was addicted to hydrocortisone cream when this eventually stopped working
Doctors and specialists couldn’t help me and denied that food was a possible cause as no food allergy showed up on blood tests. I was in agony and in the end, only salt baths could provide me with any relief – until a friend referred me to Sharon Hespe who conducted food intolerance testing.
Since I have been able to avoid the trigger foods my eczema has dissipated dramatically. Hard to believe the solution was so simple and getting on the right probiotic for me also helped considerably.”

Christine Barber

“I have been seeing Sharon now for many years for a variety of health concerns but particularly for her assistance in helping me overcome my many food intolerances and leaky gut issues.
Having always preferred to heal my body using non-traditional methods without side effects, Sharon has always been at the forefront of my health care. She is caring, thorough and always follows up with me to see how I’m going.
I have and will always continue to recommend Sharon to friends and family who want to heal their body holistically and via a practitioner who is super knowledgeable, but at the same time realistic and honest.
Sharon does not waste your time! She is devoted to her trade, and her ability and expertise as a naturopath is, without a doubt, a major factor in my wellbeing.
Sharon, I am forever thankful and grateful for your unwavering support, advice, and expertise. I honestly don’t know where I’d be without it.”

Dora Laaksonen