Mistake # 4/5 – the 5 biggest mistakes people make with their gut health

Mistake # 4/5 – the 5 biggest mistakes people make with their gut health

Not keeping the problematic foods out of their diet properly.


Let me explain;


If you have a food intolerance, and a1 dairy is one of the foods that has been tested as being  problematic. It is essential that you remove every last skerrick of dairy from your diet, unless it specifically says it is a2. Most people understand that means no normal milk, cream, cheese or yogurt. It also means no chocolate (dairy milk chocolate) or dairy based (whey) protein powders. There can be lots of foods that you think are safe such as chips and rice crackers, but not all, balsamic flavoured rice crackers indicate on the label it contains dairy,  as a flavouring agent.


You will find many foods will contain dairy as a flavouring agent, once you are aware of this, you will start to read labels properly so you do not get caught out. Care needs to be taken with pasta sauces, salad dressings, and even wine. Some winemakers finish off their wines with either dairy, egg or fish products, and these will affect you if you have an intolerance to any of the them, a good way to get around this is to purchase vegan wine.


If the label says it contains dairy, milk powder, skim milk powder, casein, or whey, then it needs to be avoided, even a teaspoon of milk in your tea will be problematic. This is because a food intolerance or sensitivity is driven by your immune system, it is the IgG mediated part of your immune system, IgE is when you have a food allergy. Because it is mediated by your immune system, even minute amounts, such as wine fined with dairy, will cause an unwanted and uncomfortable reaction.


It sounds a bit daunting, but honestly, once you do your first shopping trip, you will know exactly what to buy and what not to buy. It all really depends on which foods are problematic, there are rules and guidelines for food intolerances, SIBO, fructose malabsorption and candida. Once you know which foods need to be removed, and see how easy it really is to remove the foods, you will love how you are feeling and will be easy to keep the foods out for your treatment time. If you are interested in finding out what is going on in your gut, make a time today for an appointment by clicking here.