Jumbuck Stew

Jumbuck Stew

Fresh foods that are in season are really good for your gut health, and good gut health equals a good immune system. Pumpkin is a big feature of this delicious stew, I have been making this simple and tasty stew for about thirty years now, and have only had to make a couple of changes to the original recipe to make it #wheatfree #dairyfree and #eggfree

Serves 4


1 kg lamb chops – any type
2 tablespoons of spelt flour
sea salt and cracked black pepper for seasoning
1 teaspoon of curry powder
1/4 teaspoon of ground ginger
2 tablespoons of olive oil
1 large onion diced
1 tablespoon of brown vinegar
2 tablespoons of tomato sauce
2 tablespoons of Worcestershire sauce
1 tablespoon of brown sugar
1/2 cup water
500grams of pumpkin cut into large chunks (4cm square)

Mix flour with curry powder and ground ginger and a small amount of salt and pepper for seasoning in a plastic bag, put the chops in the bag and mix up so the flour mixture coast the chops well. Heat half of the oil in a baking pan and brown the chops, remove chops from pan when browned.
Add the rest of the oil to the pan and add the onions and cook until soft.
Mix together the vinegar, sauces, brown sugar and water.
Put the chops back in the pan with the pumpkin and mixed up sauces, mix well, put a lid on the pan or cover with foil and cook for an hour at 180 degrees.
Serve with mash and seasonal vegetables.
This recipe can easily be doubled but make sure you are accurate with your ratios as it is not a dish that works well if you just chuck the ingredients it needs to be as the recipe says, trust me I have done this.
The pumpkin in it does not tend to freeze very well either, if you are lucky enough to have any left to freeze.