gut health signs to look out for

gut health signs to look out for

When your gut health is poor there is a good chance that you will be struggling with many signs and symptoms. Some of those signs and symptoms may include; headaches, sinus, sore throat, reflux, blocked and runny nose, bloating, gut pain, gassiness, anxiety, depression, smelly poo and flatulence, diarrhoea, constipation, alternating diarrhoea and constipation, fatigue, thrush, muscle pain and soreness, it’s a pretty big list isn’t it. Sometimes my patients will present with some very clear and obvious signs and symptoms that do point straight to a diagnosis. Which then allows us to start to treat the gut immediately. Sometimes the signs and symptoms are ambiguous, or they point to many problems and testing is the best way to establish what’s going on. There are quite a few pointers that I look for, today I’m sharing some of them with you.


If your symptoms have occurred approximately three months after a stressful event such as getting married, having a child, having someone significant in your life passing. I will be considering that your problem is a food intolerance.


If you are suffering with alternating constipation and diarrhoea then I will consider you may have a SIBO problem.


If you are worse after eating garlic and onions, feel terrible after eating fruit on an empty stomach I will consider that you may have a fructose malabsorption problem.


If you have been taking multiple courses of antibiotics in the last year and have rashes that clear up using antifungal creams I will consider that you may have a fungal overgrowth or candida problem.


If you had lots of ear infections and tonsillitis as a child I will consider a dairy intolerance.


If you have explosive diarrhoea I will consider an egg intolerance.


I have about thirty of these clinical pearls in my head, that I am always considering when patients are sitting with me in clinic, or via a zoom screen. Some of them will be applicable to you.