Ginger tea – a great way to help your digestion

Ginger tea – a great way to help your digestion

Do you feel sluggish and bloated after meals?

Do you feel as if your food is just sitting in your gut?

Are you struggling with reflux?

Have you already been diagnosed with SIBO?

My suggestion is to try some ginger tea, it is a cheap and easy solution that can help.

Ginger tea is perfect for your migrating motor complex (MMC) which is what drives your small intestine to push the food through to the large intestine.

In many people with poor gut health the MMC does not work very well, what then happens is that bacteria builds up in the small intestine causing problems such as small intestinal bacterial overgrowth or SIBO for short. If the bacteria stays in the small intestine, it can then start to ferment causing gassiness, bloating, and pain, which can then lead to constipation and or diarrhoea.

There are a couple of things that can help the MMC to work better, ginger tea after meals is one excellent way to get the MMC working, all you need to do is slice up a couple of slices of fresh ginger, put them into a cup, pour boiling water on to the ginger, wait for a few minutes and drink it, after each meal, including breakfast.