Food Intolerance Program – all the information you need to know

Food Intolerance Program – all the information you need to know

Our Food Intolerance Program is back, new and improved, check out the details here and receive your free mini eCookBook.

Our program focuses on removing the most common foods that are problematic for people, we have a focus on whole foods that are easy to cook and taste great, we do not tell you what you have to eat, we give you options, along with recipes and videos of the recipes to make cooking wholesome foods for your entire family easier. For those of you that are in love with Paleo, or thinking of going Paleo, you will find our program suitable for a Paleo lifestyle as well.
Joining our Food Intolerance Program will help you to keep those New Year resolutions to eat better and get healthy on track and achievable, your weight will reduce along with your unwanted health problems that are being caused by Food Intolerances.

The best news is that you can still have pasta, wine and chocolate.

Our Food Intolerance Program runs for 8 weeks, you can start when it suits you, we provide recipes, guidance, food replacement options, cooking videos, health tips and Facebook support via our Food Intolerance Recipe Community which you can access here;

The total cost for our Food Intolerance Program is just $80, all of your content is delivered electronically so you can access it anywhere, once we have received payment we email you the content for the first weeks recipes, meal plans, cooking videos and ingredient replacement options, and every week for eight weeks you will receive a new email with new recipes, meal plans and tips to keep you on track.

Why the Program? We know that Food Intolerances drive many peoples health problems, we also know that it is not feasible for lots of people to be able to come and see us in clinic or via Skype, so we decided to write this program so that it is accessible and affordable for everyone, it is aimed at you if you are suspicious that you have a problem with food, the symptoms of a Food Intolerance are many and varied and each person will react differently to a particular food, it is for people that know very little about foods, a bit like a Food Intolerance Program for Dummies, well not quite, but you get our meaning.

So, if you are thinking that yes this might be for you then we encourage you to sign up here payment is easy via PayPal or your credit card, if our program is not what you think it should be or you are unhappy with it, then we will happily refund your money with no questions asked.
Sharon and the team.

P.S the pictures are pictures of the actual foods that you can eat on our program