Dr.Google and YOUR health.

Dr.Google and YOUR health.

Do you use Dr. Google for your health.

I’m pretty sure everyone does at times. Even me.

After all when you want to know something – what do you do – you ask Google. It’s one of the best ways to find stuff out. 

Let me tell you a story about Dr. Google and one of my patients. 

A lovely gentleman arrived for his appointment with quite a lot of printed off information about his gut health. He said to me “I’ve got all of this information. I’ve done heaps of research. I’ve tried to implement the suggestions but there is something missing. My gut health is not what Dr. Google says it should be as I’ve implemented all of the changes – I’ve done exactly what Dr. Google told me to do”.

This patient was a conveyancer and the conversation went like this; I said to him that I’ve bought and sold quite a few houses over my lifetime. If I’m going to buy a house I’ll request a copy of the contract for a high level overview. BUT if I’m going to buy the house there is no way I will do the legal’s myself. I will get a professional such as yourself to complete the work for me because you are trained in this area and know everything there is to know about buying a house – I don’t. Your gut health is the same. Sure there is a lot of good information out there and some people can get better on their own with the use of Dr. Google. The difference is I’ve studied for four years to obtain a degree in Naturopathy and continued to study and specialise in the field of gut health. I’m a professional in my field – you are the professional in your field. 

So, if you’ve been using Dr. Google and you’ve not been able to get your gut right. Get in touch, book an appointment and let me help you get back to being healthy and doing what you do best.