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Salicylates and Histamines

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Fructose malabsorption

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Client Testimonials

Sharon has really helped me differentially diagnose many of the common gut conditions that present in clinic.
In a time when there is information overload and a lot of confusion for new Naturopaths, Sharon has managed to make the diagnosis and treatment of gut issues very accessible, digestible and practical.
Her approach is very pragmatic and cost-effective for clients and she only recommends more expensive screening tools when all other avenues have been exhausted.
Sharon is a very clear communicator and is most generous with the sharing of her vast experience in clinical practice. I highly recommend that you choose her as your gut health mentor.

Michelle Blum (Naturopath/Acupuncturist)

I started seeing Sharon regarding a persistent feeling of bloating and stomach discomfort after eating.
She was able to diagnose a problem with fructose malabsorption and particular foods that I had never considered a problem. Within a week I saw a huge improvement including weight loss and general improvements in fitness and energy levels. Her dietary phases programs were easy to follow and provided alternatives to my normal meals.
Sharon was very flexible with appointments in person, on the phone or by Zoom – highly recommended!


“I had eczema all over my body and was addicted to hydrocortisone cream when this eventually stopped working
Doctors and specialists couldn’t help me and denied that food was a possible cause as no food allergy showed up on blood tests. I was in agony and in the end, only salt baths could provide me with any relief – until a friend referred me to Sharon Hespe who conducted food intolerance testing.
Since I have been able to avoid the trigger foods my eczema has dissipated dramatically. Hard to believe the solution was so simple and getting on the right probiotic for me also helped considerably.”

Christine Barber