chia seed pudding

chia seed pudding

serves 2


1/2 cup of coconut milk
1/8 cup of chia seeds
1 banana sliced
1/2 punnet of raspberries
1 teaspoon of blueberry jam
1/8 cup of sunflower kernels
1/2 cup of coconut yoghurt – I used Alpine brand
strawberries to garnish


Stir the chia seeds into the coconut milk and leave overnight in the fridge to gel, they will start to gel together after about 10 minutes, you do not have to wait, it will just be a little runnier. Then layer all of the ingredients together in a glass, it is that simple, you can vary the ingredients and you only need about a 1/4 tsp pf the jam, the picture show the pudding in shot glasses as I prepared it as one of a few breakfast items for a brunch. It can also be prepared the night before in a plastic container or jar so you can grab it from the fridge and take to work or eat on the way.