The Good Gut Girl

I’m Sharon Hespe, a naturopath who specialises in gut health.
I have a degree in naturopathy, and I’ve been in private practice for 18 years.

I see patients in a clinic in Hurstville Grove in Sydney and via telehealth Australia-wide.

Improving people’s gut health is what I do, and it’s a job that I love.

I am “The Good Gut Girl,” and I solve your gut problems by finding the cause of your symptoms. This enables me to tailor your diet specifically to your gut needs. It also allows me to accurately prescribe the necessary supplements and herbal medicines your gut requires to improve.

I’ve seen and see daily the way people’s lives change when we go through the process of gut improvement—energy increases, mental health improves, and gut symptoms disappear. I watch my patients’ lives improve exponentially, and this is why I love my job.

I developed the “Gut Healing Program” a few years ago. It’s a program that I developed for my patients while we are waiting for test results. This gives them a nutrition program that allows for SIBO, fructose malabsorption, candida and common food intolerances. I’m very proud of this program as it provides nutritionally balanced food choices that reduce gut inflammation and help to reduce debilitating gut symptoms. I currently offer this program to my patients, but if you’d like to participate, please email me at naturopath@sharonhespe.com.au. Pop in the subject line – I’d like to participate in the Gut Healing Program – I can email you an invoice, and once paid, I’ll enrol you.

The Good Gut Girl

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Client Testimonials

“For most of my adult life I have suffered with bloating, a feeling of nausea after eating, wind, weight gain, and other digestive problems. I would often complain to my family and friends about it only to be told, it is normal just get on with it.
I booked in with Sharon who immediately told me no, that is not normal. Sharon asked me to remove certain foods from my diet and, to be honest, it was difficult to do, but within three weeks all my symptoms had gone.
Sharon was right. It was not normal. I had suffered for more than 20 years and now, to my amazement, I feel fantastic – and I have lost 10kg as well, which Sharon said can happen.
I have now been able to widen my diet and re-introduce the problematic foods, and as long as I manage my foods well and do not have too many of the offending foods, I feel great.”


“I first consulted Sharon about some concerns I had around my digestive problems, and after testing for food intolerances and removing a few foods, I felt so much better. It is amazing what a difference removing a few foods can make to your life!
With Sharon’s practical advice and easy-to-follow cookbook, my digestive symptoms are now gone, along with lots of other health issues that Sharon has helped me with over the years.
I really cannot quantify how much Sharon has helped me. It is indeed a pleasure to find and recommend someone so caring and committed to add value to our lives. I have no hesitation in recommending her time and time again.”

Sylvia Troccoli

“Sharon specialises in gut problems. I had the after-effects of a tummy virus for 18 months – a problem which could not be fixed by western medicine.

Sharon isolated the type of bacteria I had in excessive amounts and tailored a herbal treatment to alleviate my symptoms. This worked and I feel much better.”

Christine Capper