Month: April 2016

Spinach Pie

serves 4 ingredients 250 grams baby spinach roughly chopped and slightly wilted 4 x eggs 1 x onion diced 150 g Greek Kefalogravera sheep cheese grated ¼ cup olive oil 200 grams potatoes sliced finely preparation Combine spinach, eggs, onion, 100 grams of cheese and olive oil together, pour into a 1 litre capacity oven…
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Panang Chicken

serves 2 ingredients 1 tablespoon of AYAM Thai Panang Curry paste 270mL coconut milk 500 grams of chicken thigh fillets cut into thirds 1 tablespoon of fish sauce 10 grams of grated palm sugar 500 grams of chat potatoes cooked boiled basmati or jasmine rice to serve chopped coriander for garnish preparation fry curry paste…
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When food is not the only contributor to your digestive distress and anxiety.

Food is by far the major reason for digestive distress, but sometimes there are other contributing factors, factors such as pyroluria. What is Pyroluria? When the body forms haemoglobin waste products are formed called kryptopyrroles, most people excrete them via the urine, however in approximately ten per cent of the population the kryptopyrroles do not…
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