Food Intolerance and Gut Health

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Take some simple steps today towards living without food intolerances and poor gut health.

You can live a healthy life without intolerance to foods and gut problems, book in now and go through our 4 step process.

I believe everyone deserves to feel happy and healthy, I understand how frustrating living with food intolerances and poor gut health can be, so I have a simple 4 stage process that I guide my patients through to change their lives.

Finding the link between food and health symptoms, can feel like a battle in its own right, the key is to establish the cause of the problem. Symptoms of poor gut health are commonly caused by a food intolerance, a candida infection, fructose malabsorption, salicylate reaction, parasite or bacterial imbalance in the gut, and the symptoms of all of these health conditions can include;


Digestive distress




Stomach pain




Itchy ears

Smelly stools

Smelly flatulence

Food particles in the stool


Bed wetting – children

Behavioural problems – children



Post nasal drip

Constant runny nose



Itchy skin


Sleep disturbances

Fluid Retention

Weight control

It is a very long list, some of you may have an issue with one or two symptoms, commonly my patients can struggle with over half of the listed symptoms and it has become their normal. Do not let it become your normal, none of the above symptoms are normal and none of the above symptoms should or need be tolerated. The key to recovery from these health ailments is to find and address the cause of the symptoms. I do this by using my unique 4 step process which is detailed below.


Step 1

Make an appointment via my on line booking system for a consultation which you can do here, I will then email you a New Patient Information form that you can fill in and email back along with copies of any recent tests that you may have had done.


Step 2

You can either visit the clinic in person for your individual consultation, or your consultation can also be done via Skype or phone. At your consultation we discuss your current health situation, as well as what it is that you are wanting to achieve. In this first consultation we discuss what the contributing causes could be and arrange for the appropriate testing to be done, these can include IgG food intolerance tests, fructose malabsorption tests, general blood tests, parasite screening, and faecal microbial analysis testing.


Step 3

At your second consultation we discuss the results of the completed tests, and we discuss and implement a treatment plan, which usually includes dietary recommendations, herbal medicines and supplements. Your treatment plan is individualised to suit you and your test results.


Step 4

By your third consultation you will be feeling the benefits of treatment, I will continue to assess your progress at each follow up consultation and make minor amendments to ensure you continue feeling healthy, happy and well.


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